Environment and Green Cleaning

Commitment to the environment sits at the heart of what RCCN stands for. Over the years we have continued to reduce our impact on the environment, including the following:

Setting environmental quality standards

We are accredited to ISO 14001 international quality standards for environmental management systems. This means we work with you to implement new processes and help set environmentally-friendly targets, as well as logging and managing incidents (including chemical spillage, improper disposal of waste, unnecessary emissions into the watercourse or the atmosphere).

Introducing eco-friendly products

We only use eco-friendly cleaning products, of which most are non-irritant, non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable.

By using fewer more environmentally-friendly cleaning products in super concentrated packaging, we are contributing to less plastic to landfill. We also use environmentally-friendly cleaning ancillaries, equipment and machinery to minimise the use of cleaning chemicals.

Implementing an environmentally friendly service

We conduct on-site ‘green audits’ for our clients, including making recommendations for environmentally-friendly cleaning products and conducting monthly site surveys to identify recycling opportunities to achieve further cost savings

We also committed to raising environmental awareness of staff through in-depth induction programme and ongoing training & development

Reducing our carbon footprint

We consider many ways to help preserve the environment from reducing our carbon footprint by purchasing goods from local suppliers, recruiting local cleaning teams and encouraging staff to car-share where possible.

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